The New Dutch Waterline has been rewarded the UNESCO World Heritage status. The largest National Monunment of the Netherlands joined the World Heritage List in july 2021.


Together with the Defence Line of Amsterdam

The Defence Line of Amsterdam was awarded the UNESCO World Heritage status in 1996. The Netherlands has extended this status to the New Dutch Waterline, as they are both qualify as world heritage material. They are unique, and both deserve to be preserved for future generations. Together, they show us the importance of using water as an ally in our military defence system.


Forteiland Pampus

Why UNESCO World Heritage

The UNESCO World Heritage status of the New Dutch Waterline can be seen as a Michelin star for the heritage. It is beneficial for tourism and for the future preservation of this National Monument. Over the years, many forts and fortresses have been renovated and they have been given new functions. The recreational possibilities are plenty and diverse: from walking tours to spending the night at a fort, or cooking workshops and wine tasting events. The story of the New Dutch Waterline comes to life at the Waterline Museum in Fort Vechten in Bunnik.

Dutch Waterline Forts